Interviews with Artists

We like to keep things as simple as possible.

Get in touch

Drop us an email via the address below. The main thing that we ask for when you get in touch is for the names of any artists that you are particularly interested in interviewing for the website. Feel free to take a look at the full list of artists that we have already featured in the past. It’s also nice to see links to the websites or socials pages for the artists you are interested in chatting to. If you have examples of previous bits of your writing, it’s also nice to see them.

Getting started

Once we have an idea of who you want to interview, we can invite that artist on your behalf, or if you already know them, we are happy for you to make that invitation yourself. If we have invited the artist and they are up for it, then we put them in touch with you to start the interview. If you extend the invitation, just let us know if they are interested so we can support the next steps.

Getting published

The interviews are usually carried out via email to allow everyone to consider the questions and answers in their own time and to make sure it is easy to fit around everyone's schedule.

Once the interview is completed, send us the finished article as a Word or Google doc, along with high res images and captions. We will do a simple edit, and then put the work online.

Once it is online we will send you the link and encourage everyone to share to their networks and on socials.


It’s important to remember that YAC is entirely volunteer run, and continues to function because of the generosity and time that all of the writers and artists put into the interviews, so bear with one another.

If you are interested in writing for the site, send us an email via the address below.




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